How to Turn a Slow Computer into a Fast Computer with a Fast Boot

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Slow Boot? Slow Computer?

WarpDisk combines disk defrag and read-ahead caching to make your computer run fast and boot fast. This impressive piece of software really makes a difference. Simply install and let WarpDisk do the rest. No further tweaks, configuration, or maintenance is required from your side.


WarpDisk uses a technique adopted by no competitor. It effectively extends the file system with fragmentation prevention and boot optimization capabilities. Windows will start faster than ever before. WarpDisk is one of a kind. No other software utility works like WarpDisk.

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Fast Boot

WarpDisk takes two approaches to make your computer boot fast. Through its integration with the file system it detects which files are read during boot and in what order. This information allows WarpDisk to do read-ahead caching during boot, and to pack those files close together for faster access.

Integrated Defragmentation

Unlike any other disk defragmenter, WarpDisk becomes part of the file system, effectively adding integrated fragmentation prevention capabilities to the file system. There is no defragmentation application to run, or a Windows defragmentation service running in the background.

Complete Stealth

The integration with the file system provides WarpDisk with many advantages over conventional disk defragmenters. That also goes for stealth. WarpDisk does not interfere with other software using the disk. There is no performance degradation or conflicts with other software deleting or locking files being defragmented.

30-Day Free Trial

Not willing to purchase just yet? You can try WarpDisk free for 30 days and experience how WarpDisk makes your computer run fast and boot fast. Just download WarpDisk and run the installer. At any time during the evaluation period you can purchase a license key and activate WarpDisk.